Pirates Cove Water Park

Pirates Cove Birthday Party FAQ’s


If people are not swimming, do they need to pay or have a ticket to come inside the park and to the party?

      Yes. Pirate’s Cove charges a facility admission fee, so even those not planning on swimming need a ticket. If you need to purchase additional tickets, you may do so the day of the event at a discounted rate.

If a parent or guardian is just dropping off their child, do they need a ticket?

      No. If a guest is just dropping off or picking up a child from the party, they may leave collateral at the main entrance with the Head Cashier. If they are in the park more than 20 minutes, the guest will be charged

Does the family of the birthday kid, or the birthday kid need a ticket as well?

Yes. Everyone entering the park will need a ticket. When you check in for the party, the Head Cashier will make sure and take those tickets out of the party package you purchased.


Here at Pirates Cove we adhere to a specific weather policy. However, when it comes to birthday party packages we work with each individual party on refunds or reschedules. Weather changes very quickly in Colorado, so please be patient with us. We will do our very best to discuss refund and reschedule options with you depending on the weather during the time of your party.

Party Space

Can we move into the party area before our reserved time slot or stay in our area afterwards if there are no other parties?

Maybe. When you check in the day of the party with the Head Cashier, they will be able to give you those details as to whether or not there is a party before or after your time slot. If there are no other parties scheduled then yes. If there is another party scheduled then no. We will do our best to quickly turn parties over so that you will have access to your area for your allotted 2 hour time frame.


Are we allowed to set up decorations?

Yes. With the exception of confetti and piñatas. You are responsible for the set up and tear down of your party decorations.


We booked a cabana or we have set up somewhere else in the park, do we still need to move to our designated party space during the time slot?

Yes. Once your party is over, you are welcome to head back to your cabana or designated area you have already set up in.


Are there any items prohibited in the party area?

Yes. At Pirates Cove we do not allow outside food or beverages, alcohol, glass, or knives. This includes decorations, party favors, as well as any food/drinks in a glass container or with a glass lid. Guests are welcome to bring in water bottles only.


What are the table sizes and seating arrangements?

The Captain Cook package has three round tables in each space. The tables are about four feet in diameter and can seat up to eight people each table. Each table comes with an umbrella in the center.

The Billy Bones package has four round tables in each space. The tables are about four feet in diameter and can seat up to eight people each table. Each table comes with an umbrella in the center.


Package details


What items are included in our package besides the tickets and the reserved space?

During your reserved time slot you are provided with the following items:

  1. Soda and cups
  2. Cupcakes (if you choose to cancel the cake please notify Pirates Cove with a minimum of 14 days)
  3. Ice cream in individual containers (flavors are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla)
  4. Candles, plates, silverware, and napkins (all have a general birthday theme)
  5. One pizza for the Captain Cook Package and two pizzas with the Billy Bones Package


If we bring in our own items such as plates, napkins and goody bags, can we receive a discount or reduced rate on our package?

Unfortunately no. The only item you may receive a reduced rate or exchange for is the cake. You may contact our party line for more details. (303) 783-6924



 Where do you get your cupcakes?

Our cupcakes come from a local bakery, Mulberries. They are delicious and previous guests have nothing but wonderful things to say about their cakes!
      We offer: Chocolate, White, or Marble with the option for Chocolate or White frosting

Can I get decorations on my cupcakes?

Unfortunately, no. However, when your party is booked, you will be asked for a specific color or color scheme. The cupcakes will come with polka dots or swirls with those color choices, along with your choice of white or chocolate frosting.

If I want to bring my own cake or cupcakes, can I?

Unfortunately, no. The cupcakes are included with your package, but if you prefer to not have cupcakes, we can either offer you a refund for them or exchange that cost with either tickets to your party or additional pizza.

Would if I have guests with allergies?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but no outside food is permitted in. We can only offer you what is included in the package or an exchange for the cost of the cupcakes in either additional tickets or pizza. You may also ask to be refunded the cost of the cupcakes.



Can I pick up my tickets early in order to get those to guests before the party?

Yes. Please contact us and we can arrange for a pickup date. We just require a day and time as well as a valid Driver’s license upon pickup.


How do my guests receive their tickets?

When you check in for the party with the Head Cashier, you will be given your tickets to hand out. You are responsible for handing out the tickets. Unfortunately Pirates Cove is unable to distribute tickets for you, wait for your guests to arrive, or hold a guest list with names on it. Thank you for your understanding.


If I have guests arrive before me, can they get their tickets?

Unfortunately no. However, we do encourage you to pick up your tickets before your party and hand those out early. If you would like to arrange that, please call our party line. (303) 783-6924


How do I upgrade my space or add more tickets beforehand or the day of?

If there is an upgrade space available, we can look in to that for you. If you simply need to add tickets, we can easily do that the day of or in advance. You will need to pay as your guests arrive.


If I need to add extra tickets the day of, can you run a tab or tally for me?

No. PC Cashiers cannot hold credit cards.There is no refund for unused tickets.Tickets expire on the last operating day of the season.


If I have unused tickets can I use them or receive a refund?

You may use the extra tickets anytime until the end of the season. You may use them any day of the week and for either an adult or child. There will be no refund for unused tickets.


Refunds or reschedule


What should I do if I need to reschedule my party?

Please contact us and we can look at available dates. Due to cake orders, we ask that you contact us with a minimum of ten days before your party to reschedule.


I would like a refund on my party, what should I do?

Please contact our party line at 303.783.6924. We do not give refunds for parties unless inclement weather resulting in Pirates Cove Closing for the day.




Do you require a deposit or full payment in order book a party?

Whether you book online or through us, we require that you pay in full at the time of the booking.



Can we bring in our own food or beverages?

Unfortunately, no. Pirates Cove only allows water bottles to be brought in.

Are there any food items prohibited in the party space?

Yes. At Pirates Cove we do not allow outside food or beverages, alcohol, glass, or knives. This includes decorations, party favors, as well as any food or drinks in a glass container and dishes with a glass lids.


What type of pizza do you have at Pirates Cove?

The Captain Cook package comes with one pizza, and the Billy Bones package comes with two pizzas. Both party packages come with the option to add on additional pizza at a discounted rate. The pizzas are 16” with 8 slices per pizza. We offer cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Can I add on pizza the day of the party?

Absolutely! You may add pizza the day of the party and even add it on as your run out. Just let the Head Cashier know. You will need to pay for those with the Head Cashier as they are ordered. Please do not order from concessions. Only the Head Cashier can give you the discounted birthday party rate on pizza.

We have food allergies in our group. Can we bring in outside pizza or cake to accommodate to allergies?

Unfortunately, due to our guidelines and rules, you may not bring in any outside food. We are happy to provide you with a list of our allergies for all of our items sold through our concession stand.